In 1988 I bought my first records, I was very proud. In 1989 I got overwhelmed by the new beat revolution that started in Belgium. This sound I also wanted to play in clubs and so I did! My first resident place was the Kadance in Tilburg. From a long time this club was the place to be for many party people. I had several gigs in venue’s such as the Goldfinger, Club X and party’s like Thunderdome (as public domain) Later I got my resident place at the Limit (Hilvarenbeek) known as a very legendary afterclub for 5 years. 

The afterclub was closed by the mayor because there was too many traffic in the small village called Hilvarenbeek. So we went to the Zino in Tilburg. Till today it’s the most famous and legendary afterclub of the Netherlands! In the mean time I played on several big party’s like Mysteryland, Trance – Energy, Decibel outdoor, Reverse, Pleasure island, Crazylands and a lot of more. I also played my tunes in several countries like Australia, Ibiza, Spain, Poland, Germany, Belgium and France.

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