DJ Philip aka Philip Michael Andersson, LaRocca resident & Owner of the Belgium underground recordlabels Nanouchi Music & Faith Music.
Started his dj career in 1989, where he started as an all-round dj, playing all kinds of music from new wave to new beat. When House Music kicked in he knew this was it, electronic dancemusic his passion.
Philip was the main resident dj in many legandary clubs, national & international.Clubs like Illusion, LaRocca, Carat, Baccardi's, International Moef Gaga Spain lloret de Mar, Revolution The Netherlands Nijmegen, Flyhouse SouthAfrica Johannesburg, etc ...
His producing career started @ the age of 18 & his first release "TooDeep" sold up to
20 000 copy's only in the Benelux....He had joined productions with lots of artists M.I.K.E, Regi , Peter Luts, Starfighter, Eduardo Delvino, ...Made remixes for names like Tiësto, Eric M (DepecheMode's Personal Jesus), Pole Folder, Oliver Moldan, Vincent the Moor , Quicksilver, Philip also made lots of remixes for bands like Milk inc, Kate Ryan, Jessy, Astroline & many more ...
Philip was also one of the leading man behind the Gemini II project & was the man who got Zippora here first international hit "Lotus Eater" His own productions all Dj Philip's with singers like Karen Daems, Marsha, ... , Tales of Dj Philip and Philip Michael Andersson
Releases on labels like Positiva, Black Hole, Faith Music, Bonzai, FreeStyle, Byte, Anaconda,Revelation rec, and many many more..

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